CCA services  enable to solve the most diverse challenges, from creating new combustion and gasification techniques to on-site assistance. CCA is the ideal partner for product innovation thanks to its problem solving strategies


Support for Product Development and Validation

CCA assists the Client in the design and testing of new products, validating its quality, in the following phases:

Smart Design:

–          Process and product organization with numeric modelling support
–          Prototype design and realization

Design of Experiment:

–          Experiment, experimental matrix and correlation algorithm design
–          Data analysis and report emission


–          Prototype testing
–          Experiment setting thru new plant construction or existing plant retrofit
–          Execution of experimental matrixes and measurement



HITACHI New Burner Test



Design and Fabrication of Custom Systems or Components

CCA designs prototypes on demand, as well as developing fully fledged products and combustion, gasification and diagnostic systems


–          Burner Design and Production
–          Combustion System Design and Production


–          Gasification system design and production for different syngas applications
–          Gas cleaning systems
–          Gaseous, Liquid and Solid fuel handling systems

Diagnostics Systems:

–          Diagnostics and Control accessories



AC Boilers Post-Firing


MAEM-RO Cleansky



On Site Activities and Services

CCA delivers on site assistance and customer technical support, always ready for a call from its clients; CCAis a partner that finds the issue in a plant and solves it.


A flexible and nimble organization allows for fast reaction times



–          Environmental and Process parameter measurement
–          Performance and Environmental impact assessment
–          Consulting

Problem solving

–          Implementation of  Systems or Components for environmental performance improvement
–          Combustion System Optimization and Qualification